Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Me} -- Its been a busy week!

I know!  Its been about a week since my last post but Ive been a little busy lol . I finally met with Caryn :) the film director for the movie The Sisterhood of Night and Kana the performance contest winner.

Your probably wondering what is the relevance?! lol Well a few months back I entered a singer-songwriter contest for the movie's Teen Art Contest and I won! Yay;)  So we get caught in some serious torrential rain in NYC -- Soak and wet... we headed to Magnolia Bakery. Yum!  What an awesome experience.  Caryn, is so down to earth and truly a cool person!  We talked about the screenplay and their ideas for the "big screen", how she got into film, what got me into signing and Kana into performing.  Its so great that they plan to involve the contest winners in movie process, especially for me since music & acting are my loves <3 Can't wait!

So if your wondering... what now?!  Main goal is to cast the 4 lead girl roles, then the rest of the cast. Filming might begin in October if all goes as planned ;) and  you'll have to stay tuned for more ...

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