Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Style} i heart my Converse

OMG! iHeart my converse sneakers. When I don't know what shoes to wear ... I wear my converse. It doesn't matter... jeans, shorts, skirts or dress :) Converse... How cute are they?!

Keep it basic... black, white & red -- you can't go wrong!

{Me} -- Its been a busy week!

I know!  Its been about a week since my last post but Ive been a little busy lol . I finally met with Caryn :) the film director for the movie The Sisterhood of Night and Kana the performance contest winner.

Your probably wondering what is the relevance?! lol Well a few months back I entered a singer-songwriter contest for the movie's Teen Art Contest and I won! Yay;)  So we get caught in some serious torrential rain in NYC -- Soak and wet... we headed to Magnolia Bakery. Yum!  What an awesome experience.  Caryn, is so down to earth and truly a cool person!  We talked about the screenplay and their ideas for the "big screen", how she got into film, what got me into signing and Kana into performing.  Its so great that they plan to involve the contest winners in movie process, especially for me since music & acting are my loves <3 Can't wait!

So if your wondering... what now?!  Main goal is to cast the 4 lead girl roles, then the rest of the cast. Filming might begin in October if all goes as planned ;) and  you'll have to stay tuned for more ...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

{Music} on my playlist

Here are a few songs I have on replay these days :)

1. Mirror by Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars

2. All of You by The Cataracs ft. Waka Flocka

3. Oh if I catch you by Michel Telo ft. Pitbull

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Me} WTF to Mean People...

Like, seriously! First off, I want to say we see right through you, at least I do.  Under all that mean is an insecure little nerd picking on the weaker men to make this:


Turn into this ... 

(figuratively speaking of course)

It's pathetic really... and I realized that mean people only have as much power as we give them. Mean Girls (the movie) is a prime example of this theory. The mean populars were so insecure about themselves they needed to talk complete crap about people to feel better... hence the all famous Burn Book .  It was once rumored someone listed me in a burn book lol, can you imagine! I was like "WTH, seriously... leave it for the movies."   What they don't realize is you are living your life totally unfazed by them while they sit there and obsess over other people and the idea of them as "better" than you.  Its really kind of sad.  Truth is if we spend more time thinking about the life we have and a little less about what others have... Everyone would be a little happier.  The day will come and we'll all move on... out of middle school and into college. What will mean people do next? Because all they'll be to us is another memory. The memory of a guy or girl who just didn't feel good about who they are.

So the question is... why do we give them that power? 

Don't get me wrong, Ive had my share of mean girl drama. Who hasn't?! And in the end, I've learned that you have to stand up for yourself... giving in to the mean girl, so that you won't be a target is BS cause its only a matter of time with them.  So I say stand up, confront the truth, let go of the past, be who you are and move on. 

As a side note: This post came about when talking to my mom about a "mean boy" bigger and older who was picking on my brother ... I was like seriously -- You're a loser!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Music} Foreign Obsession o.O

Lets face it... we all have it! One Direction, The Wanted, Justin Bieber  (canadian!)... idk what it is  about these boys that make us american girls get all 'goo goo ga ga' but i have a new hottie to add to the list. Say Hej to Danish singer Christopher Nessen <3_<3 Not only is he an AMAZING singer, he is just so FREAKIN' CUTE.

                                                    He's all "mine, mine, mine" lol ;)

Another band of foreign cuties that you can check out is McFly <3

That's The Truth- McFly

Monday, July 9, 2012

{Me} 1st post :)

So my moms friend last year suggested I blog since I love fashions & clothes.  Its my thing!  I feel that how I dress is a reflection of who I am.  Lets face it, reality is people judge you by how you look and well, if you are going to judge me without knowing "me" -- I want to make sure that you are at least visually well informed :) lol

So my question is...  what is your style?  Does it reflect who you are?

Styles that inspire me ...

What I wore today -- it was a pool day ;)

Straw fedora hat (2 yrs old), White tee, Forever21 shorts, Monikini from Garage

New Music iLove                                                                      

 Love this song, Headlock by Imogen Heap ;) ... former lead singer of the group Frou Frou